Top 5 Uses for A Sound Machine You Have Not Thought of Yet

When most people think about using a sound machine, they think about all of the great benefits one can provide for their sleep health. While better sleep is a massive benefit, there are tons of other great situations where a sound machine is essential. Here are five of our favorite uses for sound machines that you have not thought of yet, from Serene Evolution:

1. Office Privacy During Confidential Conversations

Office Privacy During Confidential Conversations

White noise machines can be one of the most useful office tools for those that require discretion. Our 8 Sound White Noise Sound Machine is perfect for creating a sound free environment inside your office, while also masking your conversation for those outside your door. You can adjust the volume to find the perfect settings for confidential conversations.

2. Better Concentration in Every Situation

Whether you are at the office or working from home, our white noise machines will help mask the sounds around you to create the perfect environment for concentration. Our 6 Sound White Noise Sound Machine will do wonders for your productivity. Simply turn on the sound machine and listen as the distracting background noises fade into a whisper or disappear completely.

3. Calming Anxious Pets with a Sound Machine

Calming anxious pet with a sound machine

Many pets, especially dogs, are prone to feeling anxiety from a wide variety of common noises around the house. Sounds such as the vacuum cleaner, knocks at the door and fireworks can either make your dog start barking or feel anxiety. The simple solution to calming their nerves is masking those sounds completely with any of the soothing sounds on our sound machines.

4. During a Yoga or Meditation Session


When you are trying to relax with a yoga or meditation session, there is a simple way to block out the noises around you for a more serene environment. Our 60 Sound White Noise Sound Machine has 60 relaxing sounds for soothing your mind in whatever way works best for you. With sound masking, you can cancel out all of the distracting sounds and focus on relaxation.

5. Always Travel with a White Noise Machine

For those that have trouble sleeping while traveling, a sound machine may be the best solution for getting a good night’s sleep everywhere you go. Hotel rooms and other similar travel situations create new environments that leave your mind to wander all night. With one of our sound machines, you will be able to calm your mind for a more relaxing sleep experience.

No matter how you choose to use your white noise sound machine, Serene Evolution is here to make every situation more relaxing with a wide variety of soothing sounds. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the right tools for better sleep, concentration and relaxing experiences of all kinds. Want to learn more about our sound machines? Check out our blog!

Photo Sourced from Serene Evolution