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The Difference Between the Frequency of Sound in our White Noise Sound Machines

Most people are familiar with the benefits of white noise, but did you know that pink noise and brown noise can benefit your sleeping habits as well? When it comes to drowning out background noise and calming your mind, many people find that different sound frequencies can help them get better sleep. Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between the frequency of sound in our white noise sound machines:

The Benefits of White Noise Sound Machines

White noise is something we’re all familiar with because we hear it every day. It’s that “shhh” sound that you hear when the TV is tuned to an unused frequency or the sound of our Fan White Noise Sound Machine. It can help shut down your busy brain and prevent racing thoughts throughout the night, while also drowning out any noises that may be happening in or outside of your home.

How Pink Noise Can Help You Get Better Sleep

The other colors of sound are similar to white noise, but with a higher or lower resonance that subtly changes the signal. Pink noise has a much lower bass frequency than white noise. It’s the low rumble that helps many people relax in a rainstorm. It has the same calming effects as white noise, but since white noise is a much higher frequency, many people prefer to use the pink noise setting on our 8 Sound White Noise Sound Machines.

Everything You Need to Know About Brown Noise

If you go even further down on the sound wave spectrum, you’ll find brown noise. Brown noise is similar to pink noise but has an even deeper frequency. It’s the sound of moving ocean waves or heavy winds outside your window. Since everyone has a different sound preference and range at which their ears process noises, we recommend trying out the brown noise setting on our 8 Sound White Noise Sound Machines to test your favorite sound for better sleep.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, finding the right color of sound for your nighttime routine can help you live it to the fullest. When you get enough sleep, you can wake up well-rested and start your day with more energy and optimism. Choose from our wide range of white noise sound machines to find the perfect frequency for you! Want to learn more about our selection of white noise sound machines? Check out our blog today!

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