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Make the Holidays More Relaxing with the Best Christmas Gifts 2020

With the holiday season upon us, you might be brainstorming ideas for the best Christmas gifts in 2020. At Serene Evolution, we believe the best Christmas gifts are ones that make an impact year-round. Studies show sleep machines can lead to better health by helping you obtain sounder sleep. We have rounded up some of our favorite sound machines anyone in your life will love receiving for the holidays. Here are the best Christmas gifts 2020 from Serene Evolution:

1. 60 Sound White Noise Sound Machine

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With 60 sounds to choose from, this machine has a sound for every occasion or type of sleeper. This machine allows you to play sounds all night long, or easily set timers at 30-, 60-, and 120-minute intervals. Not only is the 60 Sound Machine the perfect remedy for better sleep, it can also aid in increased concentration when used during the day. Help your loved ones start and work through their day with newfound focus by gifting Serene Evolution’s latest product today!

2. Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock

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This gift will impress parents and children alike. The Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock is designed to help children create a routine around sleep. The satisfaction of seeing the light change colors creates a reward system to motivate children to stick to their bedtime and naptime schedules. The fun puppy design draws children in, and the benefits of maintaining a routine help parents keep their schedules throughout the day.

3. 8 Sound White Noise Sound Machine

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The 8 Noise Sound Machine is one of our original sound machines. We love this as a stocking stuffer because of its size. This machine is extremely portable allowing you to bring it anywhere you might be traveling this holiday season. Block out unwanted noise and sleep more soundly by using this machine. Your loved ones will appreciate being able to add this to their nightly routine.

Give the gift of sleep and restoration this Christmas! At Serene Evolution, we believe in living a full life, and that starts with sleep. Surprise a loved one with a gift they will cherish all year long by shopping our sound machines today.  For more information on our products, gift ideas and more, visit our blog.

Images Sourced From Serene Evolution