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Serene Evolution Interview: Getting Your Child to Sleep with Our Sleep Training Alarm Clock

At Serene Evolution, we love to see how our customers use our products to help them get the sleep they deserve. Recently, we had the chance to sit down with one of our customers, Sylvia Kong, who uses our Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock to help her toddler get better sleep. Here’s what we heard from Sylvia on sleep training your toddler:

First Impressions of Our Sleep Training Alarm Clock

Sylvia got the idea of using a sleep training alarm clock from her sister, who uses the same alarm clock for her kids. She raves about how easy it makes keeping her kids in bed in the morning. Right after Sylvia first opened our Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock, she could see the excitement on her 2 ½ year old’s face. With an exciting design in the shape of a dog, she says it makes sleep training fun for him.

Setting Expectations for Better Sleep Habits

Though her son is usually good about staying in bed in the morning, Sylvia says she has a hard time getting him to go to sleep at night. With our sleep training alarm clock, she has found a fun way to help him fall asleep without having to nag him every night. When he sees the ball change colors, he knows it is time to go to bed.

Operating Our Sleep Training Alarm Clock is Simple

Sylvia says that while she initially wasn’t sure how to work it, she was able to get all of the help she needed online. She watched our video on operating the alarm clock and figured it out in minutes. In the past, she and her husband thought about using a cell phone alarm to let their son know it is bedtime. Now that they have tried our Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock, she says that they are glad to find a simpler solution to sleep training.

No matter how you choose to make the most of our Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock, Serene Evolution is here to help make it simple. If you have a story to tell about one of our products, please tag us on Facebook. We would love to hear from you! Want to learn more about our sleep training alarm clock? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced By Serene Evolution