relieving anxiety in dogs

Using a Sound Machine to Soothe Anxiety in Dogs

Whether your dog has anxiety or barks at almost anything, there is a simple solution to calming their nerves through every situation. White noise sound machines may traditionally be used to help your family sleep, but they can also help mask noise for your pets. Here is everything you need to know about using a sound machine to soothe anxiety in dogs from Serene Evolution:

Keeping Your Dog Calm Throughout the Day

If you have close neighbors or stay home during the day, chances are you are looking for a solution to prevent your dog from barking. While training your pet, use a sound machine to mask outside noise.  This can be a quick solution to your problem. From mailmen to garbage trucks, our white noise sound machines are designed to mask the noises that are bound to get your dog barking.

Soothing Anxiety in Dogs with a Sound Machine

It is common for dogs to get severe anxiety when they hear thunderstorms, fireworks or loud construction down the street. Preventing your dog from getting anxiety is as easy as using one of our sound machines. We recommend using a sound machine to improve the environment for your pet and decrease their nervousness. Our high-quality soothing sounds will create a constant noise for your dog to listen to. This will mask the noises causing their anxiety.

Creating a Simple Everyday Routine for Your Dog

One of the most common factors that causes anxiety in dogs is separation from humans. Separation anxiety can make your dog bark and whine constantly when you are not home. With our 8 Sound White Noise Sound Machine, simply turn on the sound machine before you leave to create a soothing environment for your dog to relax. The noise produced can also lull your pet to sleep if they’re having issues with falling asleep.

There are a number of factors that can cause anxiety in dogs, but it is clear that most of them can be tackled with Serene Evolution products. We are dedicated to creating the best adult sound machines, baby sound machines and other sleep products for every kind of lifestyle.

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